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Angel Blade 3 Spaceship Agga Ruter 21 Beast City 4 Square of the Moon 22 Behind Closed Doors 4 Stepmother’s Sin 23 Black Widow 4 Stepsister 23 Blood Royale 5 Teacher’s Pet 23 BloodShadow 5 Temptation 24 City of Sin 5 TriAngle 24 Complete Adventure Kid 6 Twin Angels 24 Crimson Climax 6 Urotsukidoji 29 Demon Beast Invasion 7 Venus Five 28 Demon Beast Resurrection 8 Vixens 28 Demon Warrior Koji 9 Xpress Train 29 F-Force 9 Xtra Credit 29 Fobia 10 La Blue Girl 10 La Blue Girl Returns 12 Graphic Novel Title Index Lady Blue 13 Adventure Kid - Original Manga 30 Love Lessons 13 Demon Beast Invasion 31 Magic Woman M 13 Fantasy Fighters 31 Maison Plaisir 14 Immoral Angel 39 Masquerade 14 La Blue Girl 32 Midnight Panther 14 Urotsukidoji 34 Mystery of the Necronomicon 15 Nightmare Campus 15 Night Shift Nurses 17 Nurse M e! : i e Extreme violence Ogenki Clinic Adventures 18 eT | se coicenudily Private Psycho Lesson 18 ° Extreme language Professor Pain 19 e Sexually explicit material Pure Love 19 e Absolutely not for anyone under 18 years of age! ae ae - A content warning sticker has been Sibling Secret 20 affixed to the shrinkwrap |

: of all Anime 18 titles. Extra stickers =. Sie | are available upon request.


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60 minutes A18D-2480

UPC: 7-19987-24802-1 ISBN: 1-58664-476-9

DVD features: e Art Gallery e Available Spring 2005

Erotic Adventure

The all-new, super-sexy adventures of the most amazingly voluptuous superheroine to ever strap on a sword! No criminal has ever withstood the incredible sexiness of the amazing Angel Blade. But now the jiggling juggernaut of justice is targeted by a criminal organization with only one initiative: the complete and utter domination of the scantily clad supervixen!


(Bastard!!, Battle Arena Toshinden, Bubblegum Crisis, Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, Macross II, and Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer)

$2995 Erotic Horror

90 minutes The lust and depravity of modern man has lured

ae the Demon King to the surface world. His

BEN 4s demonic Beasts strive to seduce every woman they see. But this debauchery is short-lived

DVD features: a beautiful vampire named Mina awakens to slay

° Storyboards her natural enemy! e Japanese Trailer

“This has some SHINING MOMENTS”

- AnimeTempy.com


- Alex-in-Wonderland.com

Eroti $9995 Otica | | | anaes When a loving couple wins an all-expenses paid M18D-2352 weekend at a luxury resort, they embark upon an UPC: 7-19987-23522-9 erotic journey that changes their lives forever!

ISBN: 1-58664-348-7



= MonstersAtPlay.com

Behind Closed Doors Erotic Adventure $2995 An erotic camping trip turns wild when Seiya 60 minutes discovers a mysterious mansion in the woods. A18D-2405 Excitement turns to terror as her friends begin to

UPC: 7-19987-24052-0

ISBN: 1-58664-401-7 disappear. Too late, they realize they are trapped

in the clutches of the Black Widow!

Black Widow

$9995 Erotic Adventure A perverted pirate sails the seven seas, armed

60 minutes ,

A18D-2346 with a torture chamber and his depraved

UPC: 7-19987-23462-8 imagination. Nothing is off limits in this bizarre ISBN: 1-58664-342-8 excursion into a world of erotic peril!

DVD features: ,

e Storyboards



- AnimeOnDVD.com

Blood Royale Erotic Horror $2995 In a fantasy world where townsfolk are 90 minutes slaughtered by demons with huge sexual ee appetites, only one man can make things right: UPC: 7-19987-22442-1 . ey ISBN: 1-58664-240-5 Rekka and his force of anti-demon warriors! | Armed with the power of sex, these hunters will DVD features: destroy the demons...or die trying! e Art Gallery

e Storyboards e Character Sketches

“The sex is HOT and DETAILED”’ - AnimeOnDVD.com

$2995 Erotic Fantasy

30 minutes A barbaric king introduces his new queen to a A18D-2255 variety of exotic sexual acts. Soon, the city

URC ABT: 220027 becomes a carnal capital of debauchery and lust!

ISBN: 1-58664-251-0

ru 4 i oWiioe eh RELEASE City of Sin



115 minutes A18D-2088

UPC: 7-19987-20882-7 ISBN: 1-58664-084-4

DVD features: e Art Gallery e Trivia Quiz

From the creator of Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend

Erotic Adventure

19-year-old Norikazu and Midori are sucked into a computer generated world of lecherous zombies, demons, and evil spirits. Then there's the horny she-devil to contend with...

Based on the hit graphic novels by

Toshio Maeda. Visit www.Mangal8.com

for details.


60 minutes A18D-2478

UPC: 7-19987-24782-6 ISBN: 1-58664-474-2

DVD features:

e To be determined e

Erotic Horror

Lured to a cursed island by a carnal cult, victims are brought to the throes of ecstasy, then brutally sacrificed in a bloody occult ritual. When sexy Ryo visits her late mother’s island home, she’s in for a terrifying surprise! Can she escape with her life...and her virtue intact?

Crimson Climax

$7995 Erotic Horror

270 minutes When a race of lusty demon beasts attacks the A18D-2077 Earth, they have one lecherous goal: to impregnate human women to create a hideous new hybrid spawn! It's demons and debauchery from outer space!

UPC: 7-19987-20772-1 ISBN: 1-58664-073-9

From the producer of La Blue Girl and Twin Angels

Demon Beast Invasion

$2995 Erotic Horror

93 minutes Eons ago, an ecological disaster drove the

ones ee Demon Beasts from our world. Now they have

ENE ee returned to breed with human females to create a hybrid creature that will clear the way for an invading horde, and it’s up to Interplanetary Agent Muneto to stop them!


- AnimeOnDVD.com

Erotic Horror

$2995 The Interplanetary Observation Agency dispatch- 90 minutes es a trio of beautiful female warriors to slay the A18D-2075 demons, but these sexy agents have no idea just

UPC: 7-19987-20752-3 ISBN: 1-58664-071-2

how brutal the Demon Beast's lust can be!

“Just as VIOLENT AND PERVERTED as the controversial series, Urotsukidoji” - DVDCult.com

Demon Beast Invasion 3&4


ee ee ee _ YE. ooo _ ,


93 minutes A18D-2076

UPC: 7-19987-20762-2 ISBN: 1-58664-072-0


120 minutes A18D-2270


60 minutes A18D-2265

UPC: 7-19987-22652-4 ISBN: 1-58664-261-8

DVD features: e Art Gallery

UPC: 7-19987-22702-6 ISBN: 1-58664-266-9

Erotic Horror

Something evil slithers through the Hong Kong underworld, seeking warm flesh and new victims. A titillating combination of terror, treachery, and tentacles!

Based on the hit graphic novels by Toshio Maeda. Visit www.Mangal8.com for details.

Erotic Adventure The Demon Beast shares a psychic link with the beautiful Kayo, who is destined to lure the evil

fiend back to a helpless Earth!

Demon Beast Resurrection

Erotic Adventure

A grotesque monster that hungers for warm flesh and human blood, the Beast has landed on Earth for its next meal! Meanwhile, a biker chick named Miki is flying high as the leader of a violent gang, unaware of the Beast-slaying power that sleeps within her!

Demon Beast Resurrection


60 minutes A18D-2267

UPC: 7-19987-22672-2 ISBN: 1-58664-263-4


120 minutes A18D-2033

UPC: 7-19987-20332-7 ISBN: 1-58664-029-1

DVD features: e Creator Biography e Character Profiles


anime fans!” - Protoculture Addicts


90 minutes A18D-2243

UPC: 7-19987-22432-2 ISBN: 1-58664-239-1

DVD features:

e Audio Outtakes

e Storyboards & Character Sketches


abundant” - AdultDetective.com

Erotic Adventure

On an island ruled by a beautiful and

nefarious priestess, the cult of the Demon Beast is rising. The Beast’s minions capture the lovely Kayo and offer her in erotic sacrifice to their ruler!

Demon Beast Resurrection

Erotic Horror

From the creator of the Urotsukidoji saga! The man-demon Koji stalks the night to protect the innocent. Jam-packed with grisly creatures, lusty nude female zombies and torrid sexual trysts!

Demon Warrior Koji

Erotic Adventure

The F-Force of female fighters consists of an elf, a ninja warrior, a gunslinger, and a cute sorceress. Somehow these ladies just can't keep their clothes from falling off as they battle monsters and villains!



$2995 Erotic Adventure

94 minutes An ordinary college campus is attacked by horny

A18D-2367 hordes of ravaging monsters! A sexy time traveler

UPC: 7-19987-23672-1 edt cneh athe Bul cewind

ISBN: 1-58664-363-0 arrives to destroy them, but can she find a man strong enough to wield her phantom sword and

DVD features: save Earth’s women from a grisly doom?

e Art Gallery .

e Storyboards

“SHOCKING viewing” - Reel.com



285 minutes

A18D-2196 rT} A

UPC: 7-19987-21962-5 h re

ISBN: 1-58664-192-1 scsi cea Complete series on 3 DVDs - Animetric.com

DVD features: e Digitally Remastered Video

Erotic Adventure

18-year-old Miko Mido takes over her family business sexual martial arts! The risk: she is now the target of the most dangerous race of perverts around!

Based on the hit graphic novels by Toshio Maeda. Visit www.Mangal8.com for details.


es « | | q 4 = | c =," c ee = [>

La Blue Girl

$2995 Erotic Adventure

90 minutes Miko discovers that she is the last in a line of

A18D-2182 supernatural sex ninjas. Now, this delectable

paris demon slayer is all that stands between humanity ) and the perverted hordes of the underworld. It’s a

DVD features: whammin’, slammin’ battle as she thrashes the

e Interview with Creators = monsters in carnal combat! Toshio Maeda and

Rusher Ikeda

From erotic masterminds TOSHIO MAEDA (Demon Warrior Koji, Demon Beast Invasion), and


(Venus Five, Twin Angels}!

$2995 Erotic Adventure 90 minutes Miko’s previous exploits haven't prepared her for A18D-2183 the deadly duo of Kamiri Mistress of the Miroku

UPC: 7-19987-21832-1 Sex Craft - and Kagutsumen the Man of a

pentane Thousand Faces! The stakes are high, with the life of Miko’s father and her own tender flesh hanging in the balance. But our sassy sex ninja has a few tricks up her skirt!


- Epinions.com

“A FAVORITE for its style, villains, and great looking sex”’ - AnimeOnDVD.com

$2995 Erotic Adventure 105 minutes Miko finds herself under the spell of a cunning A18D-2194 competitor who burns with jealousy over Miko's

UPC: 7-19987-21942-7

ills j | ISBN: 1-58664-190-5 expert skills in love!

“The quintessential NAUGHTY tentacle anime” - Carnage.org

La Blue Girl


cr rei m) $9095 Erotic Adventure | iF | | | I rit 240 minutes Miko Mido is back in this awesome 3 DVD set, Hi Lue A18D-2213 and as fresh and feisty as ever! Contains both La Blue Girl Returns volumes plus Lady Blue.

eFTUANS ; UPC: 7-19987-22132-1 ISBN: 1-58664-209-X


DVD features:

e Storyboards

e Interview with Toshio Maeda and Rusher

Ikeda La Blue Girl Returns F $2995 Erotic Adventure ipl) 60 minutes A deadly sex ninja trained in the carnal arts, Miko A18D-2153 is hot to deal out heavy martial arts mistreatment fat a neared to any demon who threatens her. It’s time for : _ ) Miko to show these supernatural sex fiends who p DVD features: wears the pants in this business... no one!

e Storyboards e Creators’ Commentary Track by Toshio Maeda

and Rusher Ikeda “One of the most popular hentai

series - and with good reason” - HentaiAnalysis.com

Erotic Adventure $2995 Miko’s new squeeze just might be Mister Right... Bo mingies or he may be in league with the lascivious forces A18D-2212 of darkness. Just goes to show, supernatural sex UPC: 7-19987-22122-2 fiends are pesky, but men are definitely evil!

ISBN: 1-58664-208-1

DVD features: e Graphic Novel Preview e Storyboards

La Blue Girl Returns: Shikima Lust

$2995 Erotic Adventure

120 minutes Miko Mido stumbles into a maelstrom of love, A18D-1835 betrayal, and magic flutes. Lusty monsters and sexy babes make this show a fan favorite!

UPC: 7-19987-18352-0 ISBN: 1-56219-835-1

DVD features: e Japanese Trailer e Art Gallery

“NMiore of everything you loved about La Blue Girl”

- Epinions.com

Lady Blue $9995 Erotica | | | aries The Trainer will shape any woman into the A18D-2192 culmination of your most erotic fantasies. Watch UPC: 7-19987-21922-9 the parade of beautiful females that come to him ISBN: 1-58664-188-3 to be transformed. Naughty, nice, playful or DVD features: passionate, each one is eager to please!

e Art Gallery

“Good entry level hentai”’ - AnimeOnDVD.com

Love Lessons

$2995 Erotic Adventure 60 minutes Meru is a sexy sorceress lost in a forest of A18D-1876 unsavory characters. Luckily, when she reaches

UPC: 7-19987-18762-7

ISBN: 1-56219-876-9 the state of ultimate ecstasy, she can unleash

explosive magical powers from within! DVD features: ; e Audio Commentary by the Characters e Art Gallery

Magic Woman M



$2995 The mistress of an erotic boarding house enter- pee tains her new tenant in exciting fashion. He must UPC: 7-19987-23472-7 rise to the challenge and tame her insatiable lust ISBN: 1-58664-343-6 for naughty games, domestic debauchery, and | sup eaiee outrageous sex play! e Art Gallery fi . eek toe RELEASE , Maison Plaisir Erotica $2995 Gen hungers for sexy women, but every time he a4 a gets near them he transforms into a monster! UPC: 7-19987-20782-0 Luckily, he’s met a sexy scientist who's extremely ISBN: 1-58664-074-7 interested in his condition. DVD features: ie Aaa e Storyboards e Art Gallery “Things get a little KINKY”’ -Animetric.com ~ Masquerade Erotic Adventure In a ruthless fantasy land ruled by corrupt $9995 masters, the only justice is wrought by the 60 minutes Midnight Panthers. Sexy singers by day, alluring A18D-1858 assassins by night, these women prowl the earth, UPC: 7-19987-18582-1 seducing evildoers to their just rewards.

ISBN: 1-56219-858-0

Midnight Panther

$2995 Erotic Horror

120 minutes Amad scientist takes prisoners for a terrifying A18D-2043 occult ceremony. A private detective will expose ISBN: 1-58664-039-9 is shameful secret, but knowledge may come

too late to save the innocent! DVD features: =a e Storyboards


- HentaiNeko.com

Mystery of the Necronomicon

$2995 Erotic Horror

40 minutes When Masao stumbled upon a bloody occult rite

A18D-2295 ‘th hi

haere that opened the gates of evil he escaped with his

ISBN: 1-58664-291-X life, but a demon lord has possessed his soul... and his college campus. One by one, Masao’s

DVD features: friends degenerate into lustful fiends! e Art & Sketch Gallery Ta

“PURE hs DEBAUCHERY” - - MonstersAtPlay.com Nightmare Campus 1 Erotic Horror $2995 A new demon lord appears, challenging Masao 40 minutes for control of Nightmare Campus. No cute coed is A18D-2296 safe from their supernatural lust!

UPC: 7-19987-22962-4 ISBN: 1-58664-292-8

“A lot of very graphic hentai scenes”

- HentaiNeko.com

Nightmare Campus 2



$2995 Erotic Horror

40 minutes Both Masao and his best friend have been A18D-2297 possessed by demon lords who are sworn to kill sola ab de geste each other. Under their influence, college gangs

ISBN: 1-58664-293-6

wage bloody war against the faculty. At least now mid-terms won't seem so deadly.

Nightmare Campus 3


$2995 Erotic Horror 40 minutes When Masao’s demonically possessed lover is A18D-2298 kidnapped, all hell breaks loose!

UPC: 7-19987-22982-2 ISBN: 1-58664-294-4 “As good as any hentai series can

DVD features: get”

e Creator Biography 2 - AnimeNewsNetwork.com

“DEBAUCHERY AND DEMONIC possession hit the screen fast and furious” = TheCritics.org

$2995 Erotic Horror a A demonically possessed college student UPC: 7-19987-22992-" discovers that his lover is really a goddess. Their ISBN: 1-58664-295-2 forbidden love may tear the world apart. The shocking, sexy conclusion! DVD features: e Nightmare Campus Virtual Tour


bloody sacrificial rites...what more could you want?” - Adult Video News

Milos ] :


72 minutes A18D-2165

UPC: 7-19987-21652-5 ISBN: 1-58664-161-1

DVD features: e Art Gallery

“Nice animation, good vocal pyrotechnics,


- DVDVisionJapan.com\_| @ | .


60 minutes A18D-2317

UPC: 7-19987-23172-6 ISBN: 1-58664-313-4

DVD features:

e Deleted Scenes from Night Shift Nurses

e Storyboards

A18D-2492 UPC: 7-19987-24922-6 ISBN: 1-58664-488-2

“There is a lot of stuff here that |! never thought

I would see” ae |

- DVDVisionJapan.com Night Shift Nurses RN’s Revenge


A new doctor has arrived to whip the hospital’s nursing staff into shape. His lesson plan is strict, and he has no tolerance for failure, which is met with the harshest punishments imaginable. The Night Shift Nurses must learn their lessons well if they hope to please their new master...whenever and wherever he wants!

Night Shift Nurses

we henTT Erotica RELEASE The doctor continues his erotic experiments on a forbidden hospital ward. He strips the nursing Staff of their uniforms, their will and inhibitions, but even he is shocked by what they reveal!

$2995 Erotica 60 minutes The police investigate the murder of Dr. Hirasaka

in the hopes of learning the true motive behind his killing. The Night Shift Nurses must cover their tracks in order to continue their lecherous ways.


$9995 Erotic Comedy When nurse-in-training Yumi reports for duty,

90 minutes

A18D-2360 she’s confronted with an erotic lesson plan that

UPC: 7-19987-23602-8 leaves nothing to the imagination! Depraved

ey eeeeeaee doctors, naughty nurses, and perverted patients

DVD features: each lend a helping hand to her erotic education.

° Storyboards By the time the nursing staff is finished, Yumi will be pushed to the brink of ecstasy...and sanity!

POWs x |


“Demented adults will dig it’ -_ - 7 a = EntertainmentToday.com Nurse Me!

OGENKI CLINIC apventrures $9995 Erotic Comedy 72 minutes Whatever problem you may have with sex, A18D-1872 whether you've got a superhero fetish or a fear of ea edioal anything female, the wacky Dr. Ogenki and his anemone tare sexy nurse Ruko are here to help. Their methods DVD features: may be unconventional, but satisfaction is

e Art Gallery guaranteed! This DVD is dubbed only.


“A light and comical approach to hentai”’

- Animetric.com

Ogenki Clinic Adventures


$2995 Erotic Adventure

7A mninuies Sara Is a brilliant psychotherapist who uses her

A18D-2383 enormous breasts and sex appeal to ease her

UPC: 7-19987-23832-9 patients’ pain. Everyone's happy, except for her

ISBN: 1-58664-379-7 . . jealous rival Erika, who will stop at nothing to

DVD features: destroy her busty nemesis!

e Art Gallery

“The rotating breasts are something you

have to SEE to BELIEVE”

- Carnage.org

Private Psycho Lesson

$2995 Erotic Horror 60 minutes A perverse professor holds a campus hostage to

A18D-2222 his twisted desires for terror and torture! UPC: 7-19987-22222-9

ISBN: 1-58664-218-9

DVD features: e Storyboards

«“«CRAZY-FUN anime for the perverted”

= Giant Robot

$9995 Erotic Adventure 60 minutes Curiosity leads Hiro into a mysterious garden of A18D-2045 delights, where he is enslaved by a seductive

UPC: 7-19987-20452-2 stranger. This DVD is dubbed only. ISBN: 1-58664-041-0 |

DVD features: e Storyboards

“Plenty of random sex scenes” = Oriental Cinema

Pure Love $2995 Erotic Adventure pp mines A carnal cult is turning men into sex-crazed A18D-2264 monsters! Can lesbian cops Atsuko and Kei pause

UPC: 7-19987-22642-5 their love-play long enough to save the day? ISBN: 1-58664-260-X oe


DVD features: e Storyboards



$2995 Erotica

Bo minites Yumi’s naughty love fantasies have been the

A18D-2376 source of her shame and regret, awakening burn-

UPC: 7-19987-23762-9 ing lusts that can’t be quelled by conventional

ISBN: 1-58664-372-X means. Only through the use of a magical erotic

DVD features: videotape can Yumi’s secret desires come true.

e Art Gallery


- AnimeOnDVD.com Secret Desires

$2995 Erotica

OO minutes Mika unveils the secret life of her late sister, a

A18D-2348 waitress who would perform any sexual act, no

UP TNF 2aa0e0 matter how bizarre!

ISBN: 1-58664-344-4

DVD features:

e Art Gallery

e Profanity Montage e Storyboards

“Promises a full menu of sex, and it delivers”’

- AnimeOnDVD.com Sibling eer, Erotica $2995 A plucky coed’s dream of new friends and college 60 minutes glory days becomes a raunchy reality when she’s A18D-2361 inducted into an erotic sorority, where she performs

UPC: 7-19987-23612-7 outrageous acts of debauchery as her sexy sisters ISBN: 1-58664-357-6 } | instruct her in the arts of lust!



Sin Sorority


60 minutes te A18D-2349 e hhtoe UPC: 7-19987-23492-5 RELEASE ISBN: 1-58664-345-2

DVD features: e Art Gallery


Looking for some flesh? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the slave market, where all of your perverted fantasies can be fullfilled... for a price!

Slave Market

Erotic Science Fiction

$2995 ae | | ci Captain Taiyo and his super-seductive partner M18D-2079 travel the galaxy, surviving on their skills in love. UPC: 7-19987-20792-9 On the way, they meet sexy space pirates,

ISBN: 1-58664-075-5 alluring aliens, and voracious villains.

DVD features: jell

e Storyboards

e Production Design Sketch Gallery

e Character Sketches

- ENTERTAINING” Spaceship Agga Ruter - HentaiJump.net 21


60 minutes A18D-2476

UPC: 7-19987-24762-8 ISBN: 1-58664-472-6

DVD features: e To be determined


60 minutes


UPC: 7-19987-24812-0 ISBN: 1-58664-477-7

DVD features: e To be determined

Erotic Adventure An evil force uses mind control to lure its prey into an unbearably erotic trap! Victims are drawn into an intensely pleasurable dream State that they'll do anything to prolong, even as monsters feed upon their life force. A new hero rises to rescue the world’s women...and gather an adoring entourage along the way!

Square of the Moon Phase 1

Erotic Adventure

Addicted to telepathically induced pleasure, women submit to monsters’ otherworldly sexual practices. When a band of sexy warriors vows to destroy the demons, all hell breaks loose.

$2995 Erotica Bo minlies Yusuke seduces and degrades his father’s

A18D-2233 fiancee. As his hold on her tightens, his sanity UPC: 7-19987-22332-5 _ slips, and the forbidden family fun spirals into a ened ooe neers violent nightmare from which there is no escape. DVD features: e Art Gallery

e Character Sketches e Storyboards

“Good HARDCORE, exceedingly WET” | - HentaiNeko.com Stepmother’s Sin fi Wites ' RELEASE $2995 Erotica | | | A0-minites Witness the craziest family reunion ever as two A18D-2406 stepsisters get acquainted during an erotic retreat UPC: 7-19987-24062-9 that will leave them (and you) gasping for more. ISBN: 1-58664-402-5 ; aes Guess who's coming home for the holidays! DVD features: * | _ a e Art Gallery “A solid release of the HARDCORE mil : ; type Stepsister

- AnimeOnDVD.com

e Character Sketches e Storyboards

$2995 Erotica 120 minutes Love between a professor and a delectable coed PO ee heim = A18D-2080 deepens into a smoldering S&M scenario! You | >| bei ant PUA ic eps won't want to miss the shocking candle scene! eo | ISBN: 1-58664-076-3 g From the directors of La Blue Girl DVD features: and Midnight Panther

“Teacher’s Pet will not

disappoint” | : .

= Protoculture Addicts Teacher's Pet




60 minutes


UPC: 7-19987-24912-7 ISBN: 1-58664-487-4

e Available Summer 2005


A professor at an all female college is seduced by one of his charges. When his employer obtains a videotape of the steamy act, he demands that he begin a shocking new career: as an erotic disciplinarian to the copulating coeds.


60 minutes A18D-2046

UPC: 7-19987-20462-1 ISBN: 1-58664-042-9

DVD features: e Storyboards


240 minutes A18D-2189

UPC: 7-19987-21892-5 ISBN: 1-58664-185-9

DVD features:

e Creator Rusher Ikeda’s Comments on Twin Angels

e Art Gallery

e Character Profiles

ANGELS pvo co.lection


When Keisuke finds himself on a hospital ward, a sexy nurse brings him back to health... and the peak of arousal! This DVD is dubbed only.


Supernatural Erotica

Twin sisters Ai and Mai are the last in a long line of warriors charged with keeping the lascivious forces of evil at bay. The complete series on 2 DVDs.

From the director of La Blue Girl


- Animetric.com


120 minutes A18D-2187

UPC: 7-19987-21872-7 ISBN: 1-58664-183-2

DVD features:

e Creator Rusher |keda’s Comments on Twin Angels

e Remastered Video


hentai”’ - AnimeOnDVD.com


120 minutes A18D-2188

UPC: 7-19987-21882-6 ISBN: 1-58664-184-0

Supernatural Erotica

Deadly yet desirable warrior twins Ai and Mai battle debased demon hordes. But our delec- table duo is quickly captured by demons, who have other plans.

Twin Angels 1 & 2

Supernatural Erotica

The Demon King has arisen to enslave humanity with his legions of sex demons! Our only hope: the delectable yet deadly warrior twins Ai and Mai. The sexy conclusion!

DVD features: Tt Le e Art Gallery ( « af A? e Character Profiles ~~ F. ; “Completely exaggerated displays of lust and sex”’ - DVDReview.com Twin Angels 3 & 4 $9995 Erotic Horror 5A0 minutes This DVD boxed set includes the Legend of the A18D-2037 Overfiend, Legend of the Demon Womb, Return

UPC: 7-19987-20372-3 ISBN: 1-58664-033-X

DVD features: e Graphic Novel Preview e Original Japanese Trailer

of the Overfiend, and Inferno Road. Every 3,000 years, the Overfiend is reborn. Dimensions col- lapse, and the Earth is transformed into a realm of lust, carnage, and supernatural forces! This DVD set is dubbed only.

The complete Uroftsukidoji saga by TOSHIO MAEDA, creator of the erotic grotesque genre of anime and manga



"Ear mr? $2995 ma sy Be . | 108 minutes | A18D-1831 | I | UPC: 7-19987-18312-4 an | ISBN: 1-56219-831-9

a 3 _ Erotic Horror a = be Ps, ° | . The Overfiend is born and will remake the world , a 7 | Fre into something more to his liking! The universe is = ae doomed to become a den of sickening violence, ts 7: lust, and degenerate monsters!

r a a a,

\e ce _ t , eee Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend

NC-17| <> “SURE TO SCORE BIG-TIME “The DARKEST and most with Japanimation fans” DISTURBING side of Japanese - The New York Daily News animation”

- The Village Voice



$2995 Erotic Horror |

orate A mad scientist enslaves a legion of women to M8D-1832 power a supernatural sex machine. Their bodies UPC: 7-19987-18322-3 are the perfect lure for the lust-driven Overfiend!

ISBN: 1-56219-832-7

- ) f


Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Demon Womb



——— $9995 Erotic Horror

210 minutes A princess falls prey to forbidden lust when she A18D-2035 is abducted by demon beasts. Their power is ee legendary, as is their insatiable hunger for female

ISBN: 1-58664-031-3 flash! DVD features: e Urotsukidoyi History e Graphic Novel Preview Based on the hit graphic novels by Toshio Maeda. Visit



a $9995 Erotic Horror

495 minuies In a city of psychic mutants, humans are A18D-2036 enslaved by their own sexual appetites and UPC: 7-19987-20362-4 forced to perform acts of shocking depravity.

ISBN: 1-58664-032-1

“Four words for you - NO RULES - NO LIMITS” = Akadot.com

“fA ride of sexual excess” - Epinions.com



ir $5995 Erotic Horror e650 minlites The original Urotsukidoji saga as it was meant to A18D-1833 be seen by its creators...Combines Legend of the UPC: 7-19987-18332-2 Overfiend and Legend of the Demon Womb with

EN oeie ee additional material not included in the dubbed

versions. This 2-DVD set is subtitled only.

“A benchmark anime’”’ - DVDTimes.com

A+ 1} | - AnimeNewsNetwork.com


aie acer oan

Erotic Horror 8 k f $8995 An immortal vagrant with the sex drive of a r, 135 minutes beast, Amano Jaku seeks to gratify his ) A18D-2388 appetites at Meishin College. But the campus ane ice is the breeding ground for the Ultra God, a supernatural monster that will merge the

DVD features: Earth with the realm of lust-crazed demons! e Storyboards

e Art Gallery

e English Track in Dolby 5.1


for the new

generation” -AnimeOnDVD.com

Urotsukidoji New Saga

$2995 Erotic Horror 106 minutes An evil empire of sex-crazed, supernatural beings A18D-2225 threatens to take over the world! Five sexy UPC: 7-19987-22252-6 warriors stand ready to defend the planet's virtue: ISBN: 1-58664-221-9

The Venus Five! This DVD is dubbed only.


Supernatural Erotica $2995 A fully satisfying collection of tales from the 115 minutes famed creator of Fobia. Stories range from erotic

A18D-2328 comedy to erotic horror. UPC: 7-19987-23282-2

ISBN: 1-58664-324-X

DVD features: e Art Gallery

“<IMPLAUSIBLY FUN” - Protoculture Addicts


$2995 Erotica 60 minutes You're in for a wild ride with Kazuo,

A18D-2404 the master molester! His roving hands

UPC: 7-19987-24042-1 nleasure countless lovely strangers

ene ernee during this carnal commute. But the

DVD features: master meets his match in Reiko, a

e Art Gallery woman who shares his love of grop- ing her fellow passengers. Together, they're on an express ride to ecstasy!

“Surprisingly FUN”


Xpress Train

Be wheeit. RELEASE $2995 Erotica 60 minutes When the new professor arrives, her A18D-2382 lesson plan is filled with debased

UPC: 7-19987-23822-0 acts and sinful examinations! The

eee enone only way to get some extra credit is

DVD features: to volunteer for some hands-on

e Art Gallery learning. It's Debauchery 101 as this insatiable instructor satisfies her thirst for knowledge with steamy sex.

Xtra Credit





2 OA Sarat

Story & art by TOSHIO MAEDA, creator of Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend


Adventure Kid



CMX 63501G

ISBN: 1-58664-878-0

UPC: 7-19987-00635-5-00111

| A bizarre computer opens | the doorway to another

| dimension of debauchery, | greed, and lust! Will

Norikazu and his sexy lady friend ever escape?

“An engaging, well-drawn story” - Comics Buyer’s Guide


Warning: Manga 18, CPM Manga X, and Bare Bear Press titles are absolutely not for readers under 18 years of age, and may contain any of the following: Graphic nudity, violence, and/or sexual situations. Reader discretion advised. All characters depicted in sexual conduct or in the nude are aged 18 years or older. No actual or identifiable minor was used in the creation of any character depicted herein.



5 4 5 = ok




CMX 63502G

ISBN: 1-58664-883-7

UPC: 7-19987-00635-5-00211

A demon has followed Norikazu back to Earth, and now it wants to sate its evil lust. Then there’s the Lusty Dolls, anatomically correct totems that make the ladies wild with desire.

The inspiration for the hit anime!


$1695 224 PAGES CMX 63503G

"| ISBN: 1-58664-886-1

UPC: 7-19987-00635-5-00311

It's digital debauchery as

=) Kazu returns to a surreal “=. realm of libidinous desires, ©) and chances are he'll

amm= never want to leave.



$4695 208 PAGES CMX 63504G

| ISBN: 1-58664-888-8 | UPC: 7-19987-00635-5-00411

_ Kazu has been transformed Into a woman, and even

worse, he’s the only chick in the Demon Realm. The final steamy volume!




CMX 0603

ISBN: 1-56219-942-0

UPC: 7-19987-16030-9-00111

The Demon Beast is back, and ready to party! An all-new adventure based on the hit video series, and not for the squeamish!

Story & art by Matt Lunsford


$41 695


CMX 63601G

ISBN: 1-56219-920-X UPC: 7-19987-00636-2-00111

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