January 7tb, LSL6 Dexa o Rie Adars, fy Bin ly De SCs, NoGili University. Dear Dean Adars!:

rresiagent Wurray of the University of Saskatchewan

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Mngineering faducation and will give you any information with regard to what tbe duties of the Sub-committee are, Il pave nominated Dean Pliis Carrittee, and he wili doubtless be giad to give yOu any heip that tay be necessary, i fancy that a great deal of the work will be tO dain information #8 to the various standards throughb the Dominion fake any recoineniations for our next weeving which jis to be in WeGill I think tin Way.

fiease give Wre. Adgang ay best wishes for the New Year. “ith kind regards, I angi,

Yours sincerely,