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In respectful dedication to The Son of Man




Editor and Publisher James Mason

Vot. D, #1 >~ August, 1950


Hardly on individual receiving this bulletin will be unfamiliar with the name at the top, Lately with aa organization of the “Liass Strategy" set, and currently on my own at last, unlike ail other ventures of the past this one will succeed or fell {lat due to the abilities or lack of them of just one person Me. No more excuses or depending on different backers or from men, both of which have a way of never failing to screw up at the critical rime, There will be those who will say that I've been able to go through fronts aad front men like a snake sheds his skin, Truc, up toa polar, bur thar has ended now ond for two reasons: One, there are no more of them left; asc, Two, those surviving that | am no longer with or have never been with are still getting nowhere at a blinding rate of specd while the conditions in the country and in the world more and more are becoming revolutiontry, | have been becoming increasingly alarmed at this trend for quite awhile and my nerves won't allow me to sit back while the storm clouds build and continue to play more games.

I've been assocwted wh a lot of Nazi pertodicals im the past. Some were original, some were assumed Imi some were resurrected, Seme [lifted from others, some have since been lifted from me. I've been cheered and condemned. I've been called magnificent and I've been called everything from a re nigger” to a “slime -dripping reptile”, Ae stated, I've been wah the Mass Strategists ~ started out there a long time ago - gone with the Armed Struggle, and back again with other Mass Straterists, Personally | must say that | favor strongly the Armed Sccuggi¢. in format {'ve issued everything from downright rags to thick journals to tabloid newspapers. I've learned that it, surprisingly. doesn’t matter much what the format or its appearance. Not even whar you say or how you way it, just that you ‘now what the hell you're talking about and who you are addressing it to,

Why, for example, (alk out the Side of pour mouth in legalistic caphemisms appealing to the noble wnstincts of a handful of Right Wing types while the bottom line must always come down to revolution which scores them off? Why indeed break your back irying to get up a “mass” publicarion when you know damned good and well the masses will never see it? A useless ploy directed at a useless bunch. (Or could it possibly be that the whole point to this nonsense is some sort of personal thrill or kick aad, if luck is with you, maybe an casy living on the side?) You can't try to de two contradictory things ar once and in 2 too-littie-too-late fashion, Bur that's the history of the U.S. Right Wing of which the Nazis are a pan in all but ideology, The whole basis of the Right ‘Ving was fo try and “hold”, defend a shrinking perimeter, “Never”, anti-this and anci-that, One can only be shoved over the brink so many times, or trampled and annihilated up to a certain point when one must admit that, if it was a defensive struggle that was being waged, it was lost a little while ago,

SIEGE Table of Contents

Introductĩ on 1 N.S.L.F. and the Move towards Armed Struqqle. 25

National Socĩ alĩs m. 132

Conservatism and the Lost Movement . 154

The SVyStem . 195

Lone Wolves and Live WMire S.. 269 Strength and Spirĩt. 317 LeaderS....sssnsnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnmnnn nnmnnn nnmnnn 389 Universal Order.. 442 General Append. 503 Appendix l: NS—F. 514 Appendix II: National Socĩalĩs m. 535 Appendix IIl: Lead 551 Appendix IV: Universal Ord 570 Appendix V: Death Throe S. 578 Appendix VI: 21st Century of SIEGE: 593 Appendix VII:

The Decline and Fall of the Atomwaffen Division..........000008 615

GIOSSALY. vecesscccessceesseueesseseeseesneeeenn aaan 622

“I am the first born of the Universal Order, earlier than the gods, in the navel of immality!” - Taittariya Upanishad


Preface to the Fifth Edition

ecause the clock doesn’t stop it means that time does catch up.

When over forty years ago I started Siege, the newsletter which was to run the next six years, few people gave much of a damn. Today in some places the mere possession of a copy can get one sent to prison. We’ve been named in person in the parliaments of major nations. Older editions sell on the internet for quite a premium. This will mark the fifth authorized edition. Exactly how many unauthorized or pirated editions there have been is unknown. Exactly how many languages Siege has been translated into is also unknown. Did I foresee any of this back then? Most certainly not. Have I made a nickel off of it? Absolutely not. As one great man once said, “I’m in this for life or death, not for money.” The way it has turned out positively indicates that my words to Tom Metzger that day in the summer of 1993 - when Siege the book first appeared - as we were leaving the TV studio there in San Diego were true and accurate: “Ifa bullet finds me today I can go down laughing because the cat is out of the bag and can’t be gotten back in.” Since then? Conditions have certainly “ripened”. And by “ripened” I mean that rot and deterioration have gone beyond even what the worst and most dire of any of our predictions then might have prophesied. Well, Commander Rockwell did say that when it got bad enough they’d begin to come to us. Things have gotten much worse and, apparently, they are beginning to come to us. I did contribute a foreword to a Bulgarian edition of Siege wherein I stated that we, as idealists and revolutionaries, are born to be in a hurry. That is only natural. But we need to see it and to know it otherwise it can and has led to untold calamity and misery. Things will grind according to their own time-table, not ours. Those ensuing years following those first few hand-cranked issues of Siege the newsletter and the appearance of that first edition of Siege the book? Well, I could have been shot down that day in that parking lot and things would have continued just the way that they have. That much has been demonstrated. I didn’t have to be present for any of this. But luck has had it that I’ve been around to actually see what has


transpired over all of this time. I’m very fortunate.

Back then I had to write and then get distributed - according to my own poor means - what I felt needed to be said. Because I knew that no one else was saying it. That’s been the standard ever since: Tell them what no one else is telling them. Keep things on the cutting edge. And then if we are correct, time will catch up and our words then will come into perfect focus.

Much else I’ve come to learn over the past years that has confirmed all this and reassured me absolutely. But for you now the book that you are holding should provide enough of this same confirmation and reassurance - that plus the way that our enemies are attacking it - to illuminate the way for you and to buoy you up through all the ever increasing darkness along with enemy persecution that will follow as the climax draws nearer.

My gift to you. Enjoy and good luck. Heil Hitler!

James Mason, 2021

Ay PL ER ee rhe TOONER OA l bee. tk PA ol eel


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Vy S ney |


jee Mason is an ardent National Socialist who has achieved underground infamy. Mason’s revolutionary rhetoric is deemed so subversive and violent that it has even alienated other Nazis. SIEGE shares this uncommon distinction with Celine’s “Les Beaux Draps” (A Fine Mess), which was banned from print inside the Third Reich for being too hateful. This status of notoriety has served to propel SIEGE to new dimensions as a harangue bold enough to advocate sheer political terror. Indeed, Mason views the prevalent status quo Establishment as Enemy Number One, and has striven to foster its decollation by any means available.

Much of the criticism Mason has attracted stems from his praise of Charles Manson as a misunderstood ideological leader. Superficial minds immediately dismissed this claim as preposterous. But Manson did not carve a swastika on his forehead without reason. Manson does consider himself a kind of neo-Nazi, and what is “neo” about his Nazism is at times quite fascinating. Thus Mason deserves credit for taking Manson seriously enough to glimpse the very coherent meaning behind his apparent facade of madness. Furthermore, both Mason and Manson have nothing but contempt for Right Wing shenanigans and escapist fantasies that purport to wage battle over pivotal issues that must not be lost, when in reality the greater WAR to even preemptively assert such causes has already been crushed. Suffice it to say, this open honesty has not endeared Mason with those of a lukewarm and illusive mentality.

The writing done by James Mason for his SIEGE newsletter espouses bar none the most lucid ultimatum yet promulgated for soldiers of the Cause: Total Attack, or Total Drop-Out from the System. Not coincidentally, this admission of brute force wherewith to attain eventual liberation stands as the critical textual thesis upon which this tome is founded. As Mason explains, society has deteriorated to the point where it is crass idiocy to imagine that anything can be salvaged or gradually reformed by following traditional avenues of electioneering or encoded law. Likewise, SIEGE also expounds on how it is nowadays absurd to contemplate full engagement against ZOG by means of noble violence, as there is no longer the existing time, numbers, or expertise to wipe the slate clean in this manner. The pages of SIEGE bear testament to the many who have tried



“heightening the contradictions” through guerrilla warfare... and lost, becoming purposeful martyrs either imprisoned or killed outright. Thus only the second half of the equation remains a viable practicality - a Total Drop - Out and withdrawal.

With regard to those few elite who, do extricate obedience to ZOG by a sworn Drop-Out, and refuse to morally sanction, or materially support a criminal government - yet who disavow warnings about the sensibleness of launching Total Attack offensives toward key institutions, industries, and political/corporate/ media figureheads; Mason nonetheless extends wise council to such warriors imbued with enough elan to breach boundaries of no return. As SIEGE elaborates upon, if you are determined to unleash iron justice or make a valiant sacrifice with your life, then do so with finesse and style. Moreover, select prudent targets that count! Aim for the most menacing, and influential pigs; then dispatch them with methodical viciousness. Act alone or in small numbers. Remember, the soft underbelly of this whole monstrous setup is the volatile economy that fuels it. SIEGE also points out that elements of aesthetic terrorism are duly factors to be considered, as exemplified by the flamboyant immolation of stature Jews, race traitors, and plastic glamor stars in California during the late summer of 1969. Such brazen killings (and mass murder slayings in general) precipitate Shock-waves of paranoia that ignite massive confusion and stir discord.

But sadly enough, many greater instances of organized resistance around the world have also miserably failed to rouse Aryans from stagnant slumber, or begun to dislodge the dominion wielded by a shadowy parasite, which contravenes all indigenous blood destiny. The aftermath of vindication strikes against the very seat of ZOG’s tyrannical power - the Pentagon and World Trade Center, seems eloquent empirical proof of this. In fact, things have reached such a decrepit stage that any Amerikan State of the Union sitting could ironically be blown to hell, killing every last political whore, bureaucratic pig, and shabbez goy in attendance, and the pathway toward imminent destruction of the West at the behest of Jewish intrigue wouldn’t be tremendously altered. A sheer expression of misplaced cynicism? Not really. The remnant White population is now so enslaved by debt, avarice, and ostensible affluence that most



have unwittingly been rendered quite complacent in form and deed. Swarthy masters of international finance have adeptly positioned their god of mammon to ensure absolute damage control. However, minor consolation is obtained when realizing that this current epoch of dystopia is a natural process entirely structured in accord with cyclical history. This present Ragnarok/Apocalypse/Kali Yuga time frame is pre-ordained, set to burst forth cataclysm that will advertently necessitate a healthful catharsis of all undesirable elements. From chaos comes rebirth and order.

So before a world-redeeming baptism by fire erupts, how can one best preserve sanity and ensure true sovereignty of soul on a planet engulfed by iniquity, hypocrisy, and folly? Furthermore, where can this reconciling stratagem for survival be found?

Much of the solution rests within the pages of the book you now hold. At this juncture social malaise cannot be halted, only accelerated onward to the abyss, capitulating the whole vile episode of this end cycle. Savitri Devi’s classic book “The Lightning and the Sun” outlines precisely this same terminal indictment, which shares unique similarity with Mason’s Total Drop Out stance. Both authors exhort those in the service of Truth not to work for temporal arrest of Western putrefaction, but instead consciously strive to make it WORSE. As SIEGE details, the secret to fomenting implosion is to route the System’s own nefarious momentum against itself, and reflect every bombardment of nihilism back to the instigative source to stoke frenzy, and reap greater sabotage. In short, championing the System to OVERDOSE on its own virulent poison! When this transpires en masse, Mason has repeatedly stressed that most will die along with the System. More poignant still, most already have expired, and represent the very antithesis of life: living cadavers. A fitting coup- de-grace and burial are long overdue. Previously dug graves beckon. What remains a preponderant complexity is just when optimal dirt- shoveling occurs. James Mason was born in Chillicothe, Ohio, on July 25th, 1952. Family relations had lived in this region of the Amerikan heartland for generations. His ancestral background is mainly composed of Norman, with a drop or two of Irish and Dutch blood. Mason’s parents were confident and patriotic citizens. His father was enlisted as a Navy serviceman stationed in the Pacific during WW2,



and his mother was likewise a lieutenant in the Army nurse corps during this same period. Both later worked at a local veteran’s hospital. As a single child in a predominantly middle class home during the 1950’s he lacked few comforts. However as Mason further divulges, his parents did have distant suspicions something was errant: “My father was a casual atheist and my mother a nominal Methodist, both were Republicans. They Were good people, they had the right values although they were disturbed about what was beginning to happen in the country, but they were powerless to stop it, because they didn’t have the philosophical groundwork - that’s what I had. I took all the beliefs they had, put them together, put a name and a symbol to it, and made a militant idea out of it. Good ole’ Amerikan apple pie, but with teeth!” From the earliest age Mason harbored an intuitive resentment of authority, especially hollow authority for its own sake. The public school curriculum that so flawlessly indoctrinates most minds into reflexive automatons was the epitome of sinister falsehood Mason found intolerable and repellent. From age thirteen onward a predilection for National Socialism irresistibly developed and by the summer of 1966 the Swastika’s indelible allure asserted permanent reign. Not astonishingly, tensions began to escalate with school administrators who were determined to correct all rebelliousness and instill ‘discipline’. Mason thought otherwise, and proceeded to stage outrageous infractions of school code to orchestrate expulsions. After attempting to provoke another lengthy expulsion in the fall of 1968 through failing grades, truancy, and conduct violations, the school shifted tactics and now staunchly refused to expel Mason under any circumstances whatsoever, as particular students were starting to emulate his antics.

A chance encounter with a dramatic book entitled EXTREMISM USA, (which painted a lurid description of the active Left vs. Right dichotomy), granted the postal address enabling him to become a bona fide youth division member of the American Nazi Party: “There was a kid floating around, classified as a weirdo, who had gotten in touch [with the American Nazi Movement]. During 1964 there was the Goldwater campaign and all kinds of extremist talk, and somebody cut loose with a book dealing with the far Left and the far Right [EXTREMISM USA]. In the part about the far Right there was the



A.N.P., and a photo of Allen Vincent [the San Francisco Nazi leader] in a demonstration, and he had a pick-up truck - across the gate of the truck was his local address. So this kid wrote that address, Vincent referred him to Arlington [Arlington Headquarters in Virginia], and that was it. My interest was picking up independently... so I went to him to get the address. I practically grabbed him and said, ‘I want this address because I want to join this outfit!’ But he wanted to propagandize me; he wanted to give me A.N.P. literature. I said ‘I don’t want this shit. I don’t want to read this - I just want to JOIN!’ That was in late 1966.” Meanwhile, the school predicament almost reached a violent apex. Right around December 1968 Mason formulated a novel approach to deal with combative and problematic teachers /System bureaucrats - kill them: “I just wanted out. For the previous year I would intentionally get myself expelled from school just to be out of there. But in the ensuing ‘period of time they got wise to me, and they weren’t going to let me out anymore. No matter what I did, smoke in the hallway, stage fights, etc., they weren’t going to throw me out. So it was headed for confrontation. I was headed for Boys Industrial School, and was told this was a prison for boys. I wasn’t going to let that happen of course, so I made up my mind in 1968 - my father had all kinds of weapons at home - and I was going to take a 44 magnum, which was a five shot revolver, go into the staff office and take out the principal, assistant principal, and two of the guidance counselors, then finally myself.” The slaughter was averted by the timely intervention of William Pierce, who gladly solicited assistance at American Nazi Party Headquarters in Arlington when Mason conveyed how dire the





The sensationalist paperback that indirectly provided Mason’s first contact with the American Nazi Party

) Pickup truck bearing American Nazi Party slogans cruised through San Francisco in 1964. A huge swastika was emblazoned on both sides of the vehicle

situation had become. Later attributing his lust for carnage to the same factors of alienation that inspired Columbine and other school massacres, Mason claims the rotten System is alone responsible for the seething dosage of egalitarianism and multiracialism that breeds nihilist disaffection. The current Establishment is the poison dispenser. When the insane policies of Amerika encourage orgies of wanton murder and suicide, those tenets of belief require a merciless bullet to quell disaster. As Mason propounds: “Nothing happens in a vacuum, everything is cumulative.”

Upon arrival at A.N.P. Headquarters Mason accomplished regular duties with punctiliousness, and soon was in charge of the Party’s antiquated printing press. The premise was anything but extravagant. Stormtrooper personnel resided in a ramshackle building six blocks away that was unheated, with no hot water, and constituted a primitive shelter at best. Mason slept on the floor next to the printing machine.



Party members received a stipend amounting to little more than $15.00 per week, which was a paltry sum even in the 1960’s. Those comrades who didn’t have recourse to outside households lived a tight, narrow existence for the Struggle. Yet in spite of all these drawbacks, food was cheap in those days, and the residency was virtually free - as rent was paid through loyal dedication and service to Party objectives. Mason remained here off and on until the summer of 1970, participating in street demonstrations alongside covert attacks on Leftist persons and property.

In 1967 the American Nazi Party changed its name to the National Socialist White People’s party. Since George Lincoln Rockwell’s assassination on August 25, 1967, the leadership triumvirate consisted of Matt Koehl, William Pierce, and Robert Lloyd. An acrimonious dispute quickly grew between Pierce and Koehl over crucial realpolitik decisions. According to Mason, Pierce insisted on modifying the image of National Socialism from that of uniforms and goose-stepping, to a modern variant less foreign to Amerika sensibility - whereas Koehl favored a cult-like group that preserved doctrinaire traditions. After Mason chose to leave and return to Ohio to take over management of family affairs in the summer of 1970, increasing rancor shortly precipitated a crisis that witnessed a schism of Party factions. Koehl retained governance of the N.S.W.P.P. and all real estate; Pierce splintered off and founded the National Youth Alliance, which is known contemporarily as the National Alliance.

Reminiscing upon why the formal A.N.P. crafted by Rockwell and its eventual successor the N.S.W.P.P. attracted little support from relatively affluent conservatives and the general populace at large, Mason glumly comments: “We would tell ourselves or try to make up reasons for why it wasn’t going anywhere. ‘Well, maybe things aren’t bad enough.’ I think that was the big one. “Things weren’t bad enough.’ When they got bad enough and if we had our message out there in front of enough people when it got bad enough they’d remember us, and they’d come running. Well that was just a dream. Because it’s already gotten worse now than we ever thought it could become, and they’re certainly not beating a path to our door. We were kidding ourselves there. Everything from, ‘they were materialistic and didn’t want to risk income and luxuries’ to, ‘media brainwash and the



distorted image we had ‘But these were all excuses and apologies. We never went at it seriously enough as a Party with a social platform.”

When Mason again struck up native roots, agitation was anything but dormant. At the behest of a kindred soul. Mason was persuaded to jointly assault a few down-home Negroes. Encountering this slothful group one evening. Mason and his friend assailed them with canisters of mace and fists. For this premeditated ‘crime’ Mason was arrested for racial assault in 1973. As 1974 rolled around he was subsequently tried and convicted. While incarcerated for six months at the ancient Cincinnati Workhouse (which dated from the Civil War), the grim atmosphere of being locked up with undesirable dysgenic fuck ups afforded him the opportune chance to either quit or get serious. He chose the latter option, and crystallized ideas for the basis of a new political front solely constructed to draw first blood from the System. About this same time Joseph Tommasi emerged as a pioneering leadership figure. Disgruntled with Koehl’s inadequacy, Tommasi initiated his own unique brand of Amerikan National Socialism that

James Mason at study, 1983

forever changed underground politicking in Amerika. But before this intrepid revitalization occurred he was still a loyal adherent to Koehl’s



N.S.W.P.P. Koehl as it turned out, was innately jealous of Tommasi’s profound ability to organize more strength than even N.S.W.P.P. Headquarters could muster. To counteract this embarrassing disequilibrium, Koehl infiltrated spies into Tommasi’s Los Angeles command unit to ascertain the validity of alleged “loose morals.” Perhaps such execrable vices as girls occasionally kept overnight, or indulgences with marijuana were transpiring. In any case Koehl suspended Tommasi, terminating a potential rival. This prosperous estrangement enabled Tommasi to rely upon his own strict talents for organization. He termed his guerrilla movement the N.S.L.F. (National Socialist Liberation Front) and dropped all legalistic pretences. Tommasi was so successful in terrorizing the Communist, Negro, and Mestizo bloc coalitions that he forced them to scream for police protection! The effectiveness of Tommasi’s action was due to his adamancy in refusing to entertain anymore Right Wing fantasies. Instead, Tommasi took an unparalleled step forward by assembling the wreckage of Right Wing conventionalism into a formidable vehicle of armed instauration (as was later exemplified by the Bruder Schweigen liberation struggle). By eschewing safe and insular campaigns for democratic reform through routes of artifice and intrigue (which terribly deplete resources and manpower with discouraging outcomes), Tommasi reversed tactics and chose political terror as an instrument to raise the Stakes of battle. This terrorist provocation earned him instant acclaim, but also irascible denunciation and ostracism from shallow “revolutionaries” who found it unconscionable to transgress the System’s firewall rule of fair play, and thereby embrace a cold mandate beyond good/evil that permits whatever is necessary. Tommasi devised a slick propaganda campaign that maximized awareness of the true oppressive monster: the United States Government. N.S.L.F. fliers and pamphlets featured depictions of bombed-out bank buildings, arsons, assassination targets, and incisive sloganeering such as: “The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get their hands dirty - Political Terror.” “Cops are political soldiers.” “Political Terror: It’s the ONLY thing they understand.” At long last cabal of National Socialists had caught up to their Leftist nemesis, which for decades excelled in subversive underground operations. But Tommasi didn’t stop there Recognizing the imperativeness





.. ecn nar birza rc oe rer or

\4 DN 5, Yee


- = Ai- ea * Mag * * oseph Tommasi’s first issue of the original SIEGE

The cover of J

of blending into your surroundings inconspicuously, he and fellow comrades drastically altered their appearance to fit the liberal

counterculture. No more spit-shined boots, dress regulations, or haircut requirements.



Dingy and cliché clothing attire was worn, and hair grown long.

The overall impersonation was that of unkempt, harmless hippies. All these determinants forged the N.S.L.F. into the preeminent spotlight. For as Tommasi opined: “It is well to be loved or hated, but when you’re in a situation where no one gives a damn that’s political death.” Mason had several occasions for dialogue with Tommasi in person. The first such incident fell on the N.S.WPP. ‘First Congress Rally, held Labor Day 1969. A close rapport established itself, and both men maintained regular correspondence thereafter. Mason was fascinated by Tommasi’s charisma; and the intense, revolutionary zealousness that punctuated his character. Much of N.S.L.F.’s raucous stylization was hijacked by Mason’s next venture - the N.S.M. (National Socialist Movement). When Mason gained release from the confines of prison in 1975, Tommasi would soon be dead - his assassination engineered by N.S.WPP. Members (ironically past compatriots) in August 1975. Roused to resume where Tommasi abruptly left off. Mason’s ambitious plan was to facilitate a kind of propaganda experiment, and kindle a conglomerate federation between heretofore uncooperative National Socialist and KKK leadership pools, while subtly injecting this pan Aryan echelon with profuse N.S.M. militancy. The N.S.M.’s aggressive ideological proclivities ranged from engendering outright overthrow - a la Tommasi, to a gentler mass strategy approach. N.S.M. literature was a rape upon cerebral conformity. Mason accentuated his ulterior motive of “extinguishing the house-fire” by the open adulation of all illegality that threatened System survival. This tour de force of exorcised anarchism was slated to counter punch the Federal Government into a vegetative state of paralysis or - at least chip away at the abstract facade of so-called inalienable democratic freedoms. Mason dared to fathom the prescient issue at large: Why not aspire to help put the System in an impossible snare through aiding the



“Whilst we..... the conventional were wasting our time on education, agitation and organiza- tion, some independent genius has taken the matter in hand........ 5

Post Office Box 42 Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 George Bernard Shaw

Mason’s first piece of Manson propaganda, circa 1977

erosion of its OWN laws and bylaws that masquerade as Constitutional liberties? Tommasi always emphasized, “Heighten the contradictions.” One of the chief N.S.M. leaflets in this context displayed a photograph of paramount anti-Establishment boogeyman Charles Manson, superimposed underneath was a statement of Shaw to the Fabian



socialist movement in Britain: “Whilst we... the conventional..., were wasting our time on education, agitation, and organization, some independent genius has taken the matter in hand...” Shocking enough, Shaw was actually lauding Jack the Ripper! Other transgressive leaflets saluted “Heroes of the Revolution,” and particularly championed Lynette “Squeaky” From me for her courageous assassination attempt on President Ford’s life on September 5th 1975. Such incendiary posturing sent reverberant shockwaves across the Movement, separating the wheat from the chaff.

But Mason quickly discovered even the grandest schemes have limited horizon without consequential finances. In 1976 Mason resigned membership from Koehl’s N.S.W.P.P. out of bitter disgust for incompetence and lack of tangible progress. While Mason was accountable for almost every written composition and artistry of the N.S.M., a sympathetic Right Winger provided the backing funds. This gentleman was eager to “legitimatize” the N.S.M., streamlining it into yet another P.O. Box fan club rife with official membership cards and monthly dues. Mason thought this contemptible, and a recipe for failure. Truthfully, Mason never contrived the N.S.M. as anything beyond an intermediate organ to dispel reactionary propaganda. Growing angst reached its zenith with his associate’s difficult egocentrism’s and foolhardiness, so Mason decided to abandon the whole enterprise. Following his departure, the N.S.M. slowly withered and then dissipated entirely. Temporarily derailed but with goals still steadfast in the foreground. Mason ingratiated his skill with Allen Vincent’s National Socialist White Worker’s Party in California, and from 1978 until 1980 he drafted much of the promotional material. Past affiliates of Tommasi had been pondering the feasibility of resuscitating the now defunct N.S.L.F. Trusted friends Allen Vincent, Karl Hand, John Duffy, Ed Reynolds, and of course Mason were the winning combination behind this impetus. Fate didn’t stop carving Mason’s volatile destiny here though... While engaged with the propaganda scope of N.S.M. in Cincinnati, Mason was casually informed by a close acquaintance one day that both Manson women (Sandra Good and Squeaky From me) were interned at the same women’s correctional facility at Alderson, West Virginia. In a rash, spur-of-the-moment mindset he mailed off a



letter. Expecting no reply, he was slightly amazed when a guarded missive came back as later revealed, so many kooks and hypocrites had approached the Manson girls, that they were natural skeptics as to Mason’s sincerity. Suffice it to say, Mason was enraptured and began a studious examination of the Manson family. What he ultimately disinterred amounted to a sizable divergence from the System’s generated image. The girls encouraged Mason to make formal contact with Manson, and forwarded his letters as an introduction. When a meeting of minds did transpire, Mason became a Convinced Manson enthusiast and proponent. Mason still fondly recalls the first collect call Manson placed. Upon accepting the toll fees, the first words Manson spoke were: “Boy it sure sounds like Ohio!” Unfortunately, providence never granted Mason a personal encounter with the ‘Son of Man’. In May of 1984, Mason had bought plane tickets and a visitation was scheduled. Manson became irate at not being able to secure a private conference room, and refused to consent to anything less, so Mason regretfully had to cancel his pilgrimage. Mason met impregnable distress in unveiling Manson as an instructive visionary to fellow National Socialists: “These people are really mindless. I ran into that to an extreme degree when I associated myself with Charles Manson. ‘Oh my god, look at the man’s hair, look at his clothes! He’s immoral! We can’t have that; we represent law and order middle class Amerika.’

I’ve repeatedly stated that Charlie is the greatest National Socialist alive today. ‘Well is he a member of any of our groups? That’s as if Jesus Christ were to return to Earth with his beard, robe, and sandals, and one of these stupid Christian assholes telling him there’s a dress code before admittance to the church!” Friction and clashes ensued in the N.S.L.F. directive over the Manson portrayal. Karl Hand couldn’t overcome the media stereotype of the Manson element, and Mason chose to part ways with as little internecine warfare as possible. The agreement reached stipulated that Mason would keep the SIEGE newsletter going strong, whereas Hand


James Mason in the mid 70's period of collaboration, Right: with NSLF leader John Duffy in 1976.

Above: with Allen Vincent in 1977.


The Satanic Bible See

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of joint collaboration, as Universal Order’s voice and reason was answerable only to his inward drives. Manson suggested the dominant emblem that would henceforth be connected to Universal Order - a clockwise Swastika (later reversed) stationed over the Scales of Justice. From 1980-1986 the monthly installment of SIEGE was published with dependable surety. The language underwent a noticeable metamorphosis from what the N.S.L.F. extrapolated. Mason still hailed serial killers, mass-murderers, and eccentric commandos of all stripes, but now invested his literature with aspects of stoic self preservation. A chapter title from Mein Kampf proclaims: “The Strongest Man Stands Alone.” Mason comparatively theorized that if one could make provisions to subsist outside the grasp of System servitude, you’ve in essence become a crude weapon. In Mason’s view, Manson was a symbol par excellence of this alternative survival complex. As Mason surmises: “There aren’t enough Jews to run this circus show called the United States Government, there has to be massive numbers of White sell-outs. A good example is that of all those eligible to vote, less than half do. That’s pretty telling. They’re tired. They get the idea the whole thing is a shell game, that it’s heads, they win - tails, you lose. They’re apathetic. However, it hasn’t been carried all the way, because they still work their 40 hour-a-week jobs, pay the taxes, and obey laws. I guess they just pay lip service to the System hoping things will someday improve. You may still have segments in the Movement that will be so idiotic as to say ‘write your congressman,’ or, ‘go support so-and-so’s grassroots campaign.’ They’re not in touch with reality. What they’ re doing is (I compare this to Bram Stoker’s allegory about the Jews) giving their life to the dead vampire. The vampire couldn’t survive without their blood. If these people could ever say this is garbage, all fake, all smoke and mirrors, and not participate - it wouldn’t take that much to bring this affair crumbling down. But they’re drones, zombies.’ Manson once asserted: ‘When the television finally goes off, half will go immediately insane. The other half will just sit there waiting for the television to come back on!’”



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Tabloid terror in the wake of UNIVERSAL ORDER


MASS MURDERER Charles Manson is the ‘philosophical and ideological leader’ of the Universal Order, a neo-Nazi cult so extreme, it’s been blacklisted by other Nazis

Nevertheless, Mason prophesizes that if the sickness of Western Civilization goes out with a bang instead of a whimper at the Twelfth



Hour, the celebratory exultation and lion’s share of spoils will be devoured amongst those elite who compassionately slit the first throats. Mason wrapped-up the SIEGE reports by 1986. He postulated that enough Universal Order ideas had sufficiently permeated underground spheres to have an independent life of their own. Surprisingly, media coverage and “exposes” remained silent until Red Warthan (who was a legitimate Universal Order affiliate) executed a System informant, which generated brief publicity and spontaneous outcry. Regional California pulp headlines questioned whether Manson was “A New Hitler.” With lenient time available. Mason designed in 1987 several high-octane promotional pamphlets. One bore the inscription “Drugs, Power, and Sanity.”

As a result of these and other subsequent efforts, one idealist stopped forward and a beauty and friendship evolved, culminating in the aspirant offer to collect all SIEGE newsletters into a final volume. This first edition heralded magnificent sensation, reaching an eclectic audience hungry for cathartic bloodletting.

Universal Order had gleaned the reputation as a dangerous provocateur. Mason’s F.B.I. dossier was now thousands of pages in breadth and enjoyed the premium classification of a probable Presidential assassinate. Nonetheless, phone taps and surveillance didn’t detour his revolutionary outgrowth. When a refinance of assets in 1991 necessitated a swift departure from his hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio, he chose to settle in a sleepy backwater town in southern Colorado. Soon thereafter, domestic squabbles sowed a climatic denouement with a firearm. A young paramour Mason was intimately involved with in 1993 betrayed her charms. Mason reciprocated this uncouth chastity by levelling the score with whoredom, and brandished a firearm. This vengefulness led to criminal arrest. Out on bail with court proceedings pending Mason packed his belongings and travelled to Denver. During this hiatus, Mason struck up familiarity with hierarchal representatives of the Church of Satan. Mason had always reserved a gratuitous appreciation for Anton LaVey, and proudly owned the vintage 1968 LP recording of the Satanic Black Mass. LaVey also gifted Mason a personally inscribed copy of his infernal Satanic Bible. Lex Talionus was a perspicuous concept Mason richly adhered to, and found compelling “LaVey had many great similarities



to George Lincoln Rockwell. They were both showmen. Rockwell’s father was a Vaudevillian. LaVey had been a carnival man. LaVey had concluded that if God as portrayed by the Christian Church [the way it exists] represents weakness and even suicide, then it stands to reason that his opposite number [Satan] has got to be worth a second re- appraisal. Satan must represent strength and vitality in a Promethean sense. So on the basis of that LaVey formed his Church of Satan. I thought that was absolutely brilliant.”

Mason was interviewed twice on air by Denver radio evangelist-for profit Bob Larson. The first 1991 episode was an extravaganza called “Manson Maniacs.” Mason’s performance was at the finest acuity, and peaked when Doris Tate’s (the mother of R.I.P. Sharon Tate) lethargic, chemically sopped brain was dealt a blistering, verbal barrage of potent Truth, making short shrift of her rambling incoherence. Mason ended the program bombastically declaring: “If you want to fight evil, you’d better fight against the US. Government, because they allow it, they protect it, they subsidize it, they are it - the most evil thing that’s ever existed.” Bob Larson proposed another jousting session in the summer of 1993. Surrounded by three hulking bodyguards in Larson’s studio for the taping of “Neo-Nazi Satanism”, Mason’s raison d’étre would trample roughshod over Larson’s odd theology of vain, sententious benevolence hilariously slaughtering this obnoxious lamb of the Lord. Despite all resistance to the contrary, the gnashing clutch of prison loomed. In 1995, the punitive System rendered a guilty verdict of felony menacing with a deadly weapon, and ordered three years in “rehabilitative” custody. Sequestered as a thought criminal in maximum security, the extent of Mason’s proportional internment was at Colorado State Penitentiary. From the outset Mason stirred hostile sentiments amongst crazed Negroes and Mestizos run afoul of the law: “T’d ask, ‘What are you in here for?’ ‘Oh we shot it out with the West Side.’ ‘Shooting it out with the West side!? You and the West Side should get together and go shoot it out with the police, invade city hall - kill all of them - those are your enemies!” Muslim Negroes thanked him for educating them about the Jewish Question, exclaiming, “Now we know where to direct our anger!” While being transferred from Pueblo County Jail to State Prison, Mestizos even lined up to shake hands in farewell solidarity! Confinement ensconced his writing



talent, and he penned copious articles, letters, and book material. One peculiar work entitled “The Theocrat”, shatters Christian orthodoxy, juxtaposing Christ and Hitler as one. “The Theocrat” draws valid synchronism between Mein Kampf and biblical scriptures. Mason claims many of the questions and principles posited by Hitler in his magnum opus can be illuminated by reading the pronouncements of Jesus in the Gospels, and vice-versa. Is this dreaded Christian Identity? No, only the genuine exposition of a perennial Blood Mythos that recurs under different guises throughout history. Mason was released from detainment on August 25th, 1999, the anniversary of George Lincoln Rockwell’s 1967 assassination.

The Millennium has seen James Mason more resolute than ever. Portending a Heraclitean conflagration that happily incinerates human dross, he cheers all Violence (political, social, economic) that drags the System’s inertia downward. For truly, when all is atrophied and scattered in ruination, what more is there to compromise or LOSE? The future awaits the sociopathic Ubermensch!

SIEGE is to be used as a cookbook and guide. Itis sincerely hoped this edition will prevail the vigilant(e) intelligence to heed a clarion call, wage battles of attrition, and act in a manner commensurate to Timothy McVeigh of Oklahoma City fame.

Ryan Schuster Spring, 2003